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CSTI provides Planning, Installation, Customization, Training, Implementation, Conversion, Integration and overall Support for the Time Matters® and Timeslips products. While most of our clients are attorneys in the South Florida area, we have provided training and technical support services to attorneys, CPAs, engineering firms, and universities throughout Florida, Georgia, North and South Carolina. We train your staff:

  • ONLINE OR AT YOUR SITE – people are more comfortable and relaxed when they can learn in their own environment.
  • ON YOUR COMPUTERS – people’s learning curves are accelerated and their retention is enhanced.
  • AT EACH INDIVIDUAL’S PACE – no one feels pressured to “keep up”.
  • TO ADDRESS YOUR SPECIFIC GOALS – Every company is different; we adapt our training to fit your objectives.

We train your people on your computers at your site with your data to achieve your goals. Because our training is individually tailored to your company’s specific needs and your staff’s ability, we are able to achieve increased levels of productivity throughout your company sooner.


Occasionally, you may need training or assistance when on-site support is either inconvenient or inappropriate. In those cases we offer remote support via the internet. This support is offered at our normal rates and saves you travel costs. We can use this for one-on-one instruction where either we remotely watch what you are doing and provide guidance as you go or where we control your system remotely and explain what you are seeing happen on your local system as we do it. This approach can also be very helpful in assisting you with solving local problems or trying new things under a “watchful eye”.


  • Time Matters® Premier Certified Independent Consultant
    (all versions)
  • Billing Matters Premier Certified Professional (all versions)
  • PCLaw Premier Certified Independent Consultant









  • Clio Certified Consultant



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